Ode to Earth day

Ode to Earth day

Every year on April 22nd, earthlings are  celebrating their Mother's day.

Here at Candlesopedia, were not only celebrating but also practicing earth friendly ways.

The decision to use sustainable ingredients in our candles is truly not a hard decision.

Not only our products are sustainable, our packaging are also made up of biodegradable and compostable materials.

For instance, instead of using plastic bubble wrap, we use a paper honeycomb and biodegradable peanuts for extra cushioning. Our cardboard boxes during shipping are made up of corrugated recyclable papers as well.

There are still plenty of ways to support Earth not only this day, but EVERYDAY!.

To start, we can educate ourselves and become a knowledgeable consumer by learning alternative ways and encourage smart and safe candle use.

For instance, aside from using LED lights for outdoor activities, we can simply light candles outdoor to instantly add a warm glow to our time spent outside, especially with the summer nights are just around the corner. The options are unlimited. In addition, to the perfect ambience, most candles can be a great insect repellent like the citronellas. Candles can bring true innovation in our lives, we believe that "A simple candle can improve our lives".

With the current negative climate changes were facing, let's remind ourselves to find some positives in all the bad. We can help you select a scent that will not only bring joy, but also bring something in your home that create the comfort feeling we are all looking for.

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